Upscaled Videos
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Upscaled Videos

A note about Upscaling:

Upscaling is a process by which the audio is mastered and the videos are enhanced, rendering them as if they had been filmed in High Def. It fixes defects as much as possible based on the original footage (such as blurry images, loud feedback, loud background noises or coughing), and it levels all the mikes. The content is exactly the same as the original, but with improved audio and video. Mediaseva does not edit or alter Master's words in any way.

The following upscaled videos have been added to the archive. They are presented here in the order they were broadcast. For a chronological search, these can also be accessed via the Mediaseva Catalog. Upscaled videos have the letter u after the Mediaseva number (Example: 646u, 4021u), are colored green (first tab to the left), and the link on that line (to the right) will take you straight to the upscaled video in tablet resolution. To see HD or UHD resolutions, go directly to the Archive: Downloads & Streaming Page

Sadhu Ram Ji:
031229 Delhi Satsang on a Bani by Shah Mastana Ji
040725 Satsang in Barranquilla, Colombia
040725 Scenes & Med. Talk in Cali, Colombia
2004 Feb 8, AM Satsang - Delhi, India
2004 July 30, Satsang for Families - Subachoque, Colombia
2006 July 6, Satsang & Med. Talk - Delhi, India with Italian
2010 Dec 29 AM Satsang - Delhi, India
131116 AM Satsang - Delhi, India
2006 April 17, Kirpalamar Student Darshan - COMPLETE 2h 16m
100221 PM Satsang Sevilla, Spain
2008 Feb 6, Satsang Delhi, India
2017 Sept. 11, Evening Stories
2010 April 1, The Story of Bhai Tilku
2006 May 12, Satsang Brisbane, Australia
2009 Feb 13 PM Satsang Acton, USA
2005 Oct 8 PM Satsang Delhi, India
2006 May 11 Timber Cove, USA
2014 Jan 12 Delhi, India
2003 Jul 31 Acton, USA
2017 Dec 29 PM
2006 April 27 Satsang Caracas, Venezuela
2007 Jan 19 Satsang Miami, FL USA
2009 Feb Tour Scenes Acton, MA USA
2014 Jan 11 PM Satsang Delhi, India
2008 Feb 9 Satsang in Mumbai
2008 Feb 10 Departure MED Talk
2005 Jul 16 Group Darshan #2 Subachoque
2010 Feb 11 Sevadars Darshan Barranquilla

Sant Ji:
800701 Realms of Day Complete Documentary Pt 1
800701 Realms of Day Complete Documentary Pt 2
831128 Rajasthan Questions & Answers
880520 Caracas, Venezuela
920114 SAT Bombay, India. The Feet of the Gurumukh
891029 SAT Rajasthan, India
1994 Mar 12 Jaipur, India
1983 Nov 27 Satsang Rajasthan, India
1988 May 9 Satsang Rajasthan, India
831130 Satsang Rajasthan
920531 Satsang Cuernavaca, Mexico
871201 Q&As Rajasthan, India
851124 Q&As Rajasthan, India
1983 Jun 30 Bucaramanga, Colombia
1983 Jun 27 Bucaramanga, Colombia
1983 Jun 29 Bucaramanga, Colombia
1983 Jun 25 Bogotá, Colombia
1984 Dec 5-6 Rajasthan, India
1987 Oct 25 Rajasthan, India
1988 Oct 30 Rajasthan, India
1988 May 22-23 Cuernavaca, Mexico
1995 Jun 16 Quito, Ecuador
1983 Nov 30 Rajasthan, India

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