Simran Message #1
October 2007
Sant Sadhu Ram Ji


Satguru’s Beloved & Blessed Sadh Sangat Ji,

Let us all bow down at the Holy Lotus Feet of Sawan Singh Maharaj, Kirpal Singh Maharaj, and Satguru Ajaib Singh; and let us beg Their Forgiveness and Mercy.

Perfect Saints are sent into the world to remove the sins of the suffering souls,
And to reunite them with God Almighty.

The Perfect Masters give us the Simran, which by Their very hard work and sacrifice,
They have meditated upon and perfected.

Their Simran, when done with boundless love and unceasing determination,
Unites our soul with the Master within.

Master within makes us drink from the cup of the nectar of immortality,
And awakens our soul, who has been separated from God Almighty since ages and aeons ago.

Sant Ji has said that the moments spent in Simran are precious.

The Words of Simran are the Master Himself.

Each and every repetition of the Sacred Names of Simran, which you do,
Are the steps you have taken towards Sach Khand.

Sant Ji has written:
“Ajaib has contemplated His attention towards Sach Khand, after taking the orders from Kirpal.”

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says:
“We can know the greatness and glory of Simran only if we go on doing it.
One who does Simran in this world is honored much when they reach the Court of the Almighty Lord.”

True Devotees increase their Simran bit by bit every day,
Until it goes on all the 24 hours of the day, and never stops.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj says:
“Remaining in His sweet remembrance for all the twenty-four hours,
My soul is in a state of divine ecstasy.”

Simran should increase and become stronger and brighten every day of the devotees’ life. Simran should never reduce.

Kirpal Maharaj Ji gave a self-introspection diary with which to watch and improve our life, only for this purpose.

If our Simran reduces, let us analyze carefully and find out why has it reduced.

Why does Simran reduce

(1) Have we hurt anyone’s heart ?

(2) Have we spoken unkind or harsh words to anyone?

Sant Ji has said that a devotee lives like a 40 day-old child. A child of this age cannot even speak yet. Choose your words carefully. Speak with sweet, kind, humble words or keep quiet.

(3) Do we see others as different than ourselves, or lesser than ourselves?
Sant Ji has said, “When all this creation is created from the One same Divine Light,
then whom can we call as good or bad?”

Once when Kirpal Maharaj Ji went to visit an ailing Uncle in the hospital, He took some fruits along for him. Upon arriving there, He saw another patient lying in the same room, and dividing the fruits into two parts, gave equally to both of them. The Uncle inquired, “Pal, I understand why you have brought fruits for me, I am your dear Uncle. But why have you given fruits to this stranger whom we do not know?”
Young Kirpal replied, “Dear Uncle Ji, whatever amount of love I have for you,
I have the same amount of love for this person also.”

Kirpal Maharaj Ji has written in His Hymns:
”Love is the root,
Love is the fruit,
Of the tree of Life.”

Saints live their entire life like this, right from the beginning.
Try it for one day, and if you like it, then try it for another and then another. You will find so much peace and divine beatitude that you will not want to live any other way.

(4) Do we find fault, criticize, slander, discredit, shame, hate or abuse anyone? If we have hurt or abused anyone in any of these ways, whether by thought, word, or deed; we have done that to the Master. How will He ever like to meet you if you are doing these things?

(5) Naam and lust are enemies with each other. They cannot both exist together at the same place. If we are involved in lust, our inner experience and progress will stop, our soul will fall down.

(6) Do we rise at 3 AM and meditate correctly, lovingly, and accurately?

Sant Ji has said,
“We must never understand meditation as a burden, but do it lovingly. The work, which we do lovingly, definitely pleases the Master; and when the Master is pleased, then the Almighty Lord Himself also becomes pleased on that soul. “

Soami Ji Maharaj says,
“Laziness and hurry rob our meditation.”

Laziness: Unless we meditate correctly, accurately, regularly, and faithfully, we cannot meet Him within. We must remain still and keep our attention focused at the eye center. Master is awaiting you there. We must repeat the Simran constantly, both during meditation and throughout the day.

Hurry: If after a few days of effort we have not seen progress, we become in a hurry; and our mind starts to doubt the efficacy of the technique. Discouragement sets in and our yearning and effort reduces.

Our job is to sit at the door of the Master and await His appearance. Like a beggar, you simply be there. No demands, no clutching. Sit and meditate with love, humility, stillness, and yearning. When the ambrosial moment arrives, He will open the inner door and meet you. Do not become disheartened while waiting. The time spent awaiting His arrival is a very sweet part of devotion.

(7) Have we been in wrong company? If our mind gets dyed in the color of the world and worldly things, then we do more sins. How can we progress like this? The inner Path calls for purity of life. Sant Ji says that by keeping our thoughts and lives pure, we will be able to do more and better Simran.

(8) Are we proud of anything? Sant Ji used to say that if you show your wealth to a thief, there is a very good chance he may steal it. He meant to say that if God Almighty is showering any grace upon you, if He is blessing you with inner experience or anything else, keep it hidden from others; don’t show it off. The jealousy of others will cause you to lose. Sant Ji used to say that not even a puff of smoke should come out from our within. Kabir Sahib says, “No one in this world is ours, only Master is ours.”

(9) Do you live on a strictly vegetarian diet, not allowing for any meats, fish, fowl, eggs nor any by-products thereof; and neither providing, serving, cooking, handling nor purchasing these items for others? Along with this, do you strictly abstain from all intoxicants, liquors and tobacco?

Kirpal Maharaj Ji used to say, “The human body is the true temple of God Almighty, wherein He resides, and from where our journey to meet Him begins. One, who has this body by great good fortune, must keep it clean from inside and outside, never putting anything in that may go to defile it.” When Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj was a child, some family members tried to pressure Him to eat non-vegetarian foods. He respectfully but firmly refused to have it, saying, “I do not want to turn this precious human body, given to me for doing His devotion, into a graveyard.”

(10) Are our earnings pure, honest and clean, in which no one has been deceived, mistreated, or misled; no one’s rights usurped, and no one’s blood has been squeezed? Do you share your hard gained earnings for the good of others?

(11) Do we live well in love and harmony with those around us, never pointing out their faults and mistakes, but quietly forgiving them, whether asked to or not, just as we would wish God Almighty to do for us?

(12) Do we have sympathy and mercy for others? Do we reach out our helping hand when needed, quietly, without making a show or expecting any reward, praise or honor?

(13) Do we seek forgiveness for the wrongs and mistakes committed by us, and strive to improve our life as instructed by the Master in the Satsangs?

(14) Do we remember the Master all throughout the thick and thin of life, in good times and difficulties, in all aspects of our life and life’s surroundings, and invoke His Grace and Mercy in all situations of life, relying upon Him alone to bring peace and solace to our otherwise tormented minds and weary hearts?

(15) Do we remember to be grateful to the Master for everything that comes into our life, and strive to remain cheerful despite our troubles and difficulties? Do we have faith that whatever happens in our life is of divine origin and happens for our good, as Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj used to do whenever any difficulty or sorrow, any loss, ailment or problem came into his life? In those times and circumstances, He became very happy; and He would say, “now my gracious and merciful Master has been thinking about me; and He has sent these things only for my betterment.”

Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji (Satguru’s very dear sangat),

If you live in this way, as Master says and wishes, then your Simran cannot reduce; and you must, in due course of time, meet Him. Kirpal Maharaj Ji used to say, “to become a man (true human being) is difficult, but to meet the Lord is not so difficult. We must become true human beings first, only then He will meet us.”

The Wiper of your shoes
Sadhu Ram