A Way of Life for Sant Mat
A collection of Sayings of
Sant Sadhu Ram Ji


“Preserve the words of the Master –
They are precious and you will be liberated.”
- Sant Satguru Ajaib Singh Ji -

“A Satsangi’s life should be different than the worldly people. His Life is an expression of the Love of God Almighty and the ways of the Master. Do good for others without showing or saying anything. Have respect and recognition for all life. Be humble, tolerant, generous and kind. Use sweet words and have soft ways. Always understand that Master overhead is watching you.
These things will help you do more Simran. “
- Sant Sadhu Ram -

{We all wish to know what the Master expects of us and how does He want us to live. Under instructions from the Master (Sant Sadhu Ram Ji), some key points are listed here for dear ones to think over and understand. These notes of His words were written down during interviews and darshans both in India and world tours, and are now sent out with His Grace and permission.} (November 15, 2006)

1. Lead a simple and truthful life thanking the Almighty Lord for all He has given us.

2. Consider God Almighty to be present in every one, and always remain humble, behaving well with every one. Always remember that water flows towards the lower level and the tree laden with fruit also bends downwards.

3. Do not hurt any ones heart, as He resides in all human hearts.

4. Seek forgiveness and forgive others for their mistakes.

5. Understand that God has given us every thing we have for our use, we should use it properly for others, and ourselves but not get attached to them.

6. It is good to help others without expecting any thing in return, but before giving money to any one it is our duty to confirm that it will be properly spent as otherwise we will be taking up new karma and we will be responsible for any misuse of our money.

7. Remember, the truth is that every one who is born into this world also has to go, leaving all their possessions here. Life is a passing phase and we should be prepared to go at any moment.

8. Saints never leave Their mind idle. An idle mind creates many problems. They remain busy either doing their professional work or They do Simran.
We have to do some honest occupation. Do not spend time on things which are not helpful and avoid getting involved in worldly things other than what is necessary for your profession.
Though we have to do some occupation to earn our living, we should not charge too much, only that much to have the necessities and a comfortable life. Ravi Das Ji did His worldly work whether he got paid by the customers or not, He didn’t bother about that.
If we have more money, then our mind goes out into the world more.
If we take smaller fee we are making life easier for others.
If we use some of our earnings to help others we become more humble and develop more love.

9. If you don’t like something, keep quiet. Only tell others that which they will like to hear. Speak lovingly and with sweet and kind words. Don’t argue. How does becoming angry or arguing ever make things better? If someone else becomes angry, you just keep quiet. One who keeps quiet wins in the end.

10. Do not get attached in the world and worldly things. If you have something that you are fond of or which you like very much, give it away to someone else and make them happy. Don’t keep it with you.

11. Understand that we have come in this world to square up our karma, give and take of past lives. Even family members have give and take with us.
If any of our dear ones depart the earth plane, we should accept the will of God and be happy with His decision. We should neither feel bad nor grieve over the loss of that dear one, as God Almighty is the owner of all souls and He alone decides when and how to harvest the crop of His souls. No one is ours, all relations are temporary. Let us get attached in the love of the Guru, not the transitory things. If we grieve over their loss, it means we think we know more than God Almighty about what is right for that soul. Or it means we love them too much for our own self-interest. Instead we may pray to our Beloved Sat Guru, “O Great Master, Protector of Souls, Please protect this soul of yours and do not let them fall again into the terrifying jail of chaurasi, the unending cycle of births and deaths. O Satguru Ji, Please forgive this soul, as no one else but You can do that.”

12. Saints teach us love. If we cannot love the human beings with whom we see and deal with every day, how can we hope to love God whom we have not seen? God is love and only those who live by love can reach Him.

13. Saints come into this world after receiving a huge treasury of forgiveness from the Almighty Lord. They come to forgive our vast load of sins and take us away from here, making us free.
At initiation, Master gives us a lot of forgiveness; He forgives our past faults, sins and mistakes. Masters come only to forgive and to make us do devotion. Saints forgive us, so that They can reunite us with God Almighty. We must also forgive others.

14. In marriage two individuals come together in His will, and we can think over as much as we wish before getting in to a relationship/marriage, but once we decide and come together, then it should be for the whole life. We should help each other in difficult times and be with each other to share good times. If you respect your companion and make them happy and comfortable, then you will become happy and comfortable. A loving and happy home life opens the way to fruitful meditations.

15. Taking care of parents is very important, particularly when they need our help like at old age or in sickness. One who takes care of their parents gets happiness. If we take care of others, whether our parents, children or anyone, we are taking care of the Master.

16. It is the duty of parents to take due care of children and guide them to be able to become good persons, family members and citizens.

17. Discipline regarding our food and what we drink is very important. We should ensure we eat strictly vegetarian diet and avoid all intoxicants.

18. Food eaten is very important and so as far as possible it should be cooked and eaten doing Simran. We should consider it as gift given by God and not find faults in the food cooked for us.

19. One cannot possibly imagine their loss from doing criticism of others. Devotees do not feel bad about what any one else is doing, or saying to them, they just go on with their devotion. They do not worry or bother about how others may be treating them, but they treat everyone only with love. Kabir Sahib says that He was standing in the market place and wishing for the good of everyone.
“If you want to praise someone, praise your Master; and if you want to criticize anyone, criticize your own mind”.

20. Without having complete Faith in Master, we cannot have success in Simran nor in our life on the Holy Path.

We should neither worry nor be afraid.
Whatever is happening to us in life, it is our Master getting it done.
If we are getting praise, Master is giving us that praise.
If we are getting a beating, Master is getting that done too.
When a potter hits a pot, He keeps His hand on the other side and
supports that pot.
Tulsi Sahib Says, Whatever Master does is the sweetest of all for me.
Kabir Sahib says not even a leaf can move without the order of the Almighty Lord.

Everyone in this world is being eaten alive by worry.
One who does not worry becomes a Saint.
We come into the world with our own karma. If we worry our body gets weak, then diseases and sicknesses come. Whatever has to happen will happen.
Our worry cannot change what is going to come. As we have come to the Master, so we must trust in Him. What He decides for us will be best. He has our interests deep in His heart.
Master is always looking at us. He is always aware of us. Satsangiis should never worry nor be afraid. Sant Ji said, O Ajaib, leave all worries, (Master and the Lord) will worry for you.

If one has worldly company any more than the minimum required he gets more fears and worries. Simran will remove the worries and the effects of the world. If one is in the company of Satsang he will get more love and faith.

If we have fear it means we think we are greater than God Almighty. Master decides our happiness and sorrows. We should live in His Will, come what may. If one is living in His Will, it means he cannot be afraid of anything, because we have understood that whatever comes to us is decided and sent by Him for our betterment. If we become afraid, nervous or worried, it is due to ego, and it means that we feel we are greater than God and that we know better than He. If we want to change what He has decided for us, does it not mean we feel we are greater than Him?

Saints live an ordinary life and remain in the society and traditions where they are born and live. They do not separate themselves from it. They live amongst you as one of you. He has come as your servant for free. Whatever you want, you can get it done from Him. He has come here to work for you; He does good and beneficial things for you, and then goes back. Those who have doubts cannot gain benefit. Those who have Faith can reap many rich benefits. He has your interest in view. Don’t miss the opportunity. If you remain in doubt, you will remain here.

21. Simran is a Six Foot wide road that will lead you straight to the Court of the Lord with no stops and no obstacles on the way.

Do Simran while doing your work throughout the day, and then the mind will gradually get inverted within. Once mind gets inverted and goes to its home, then it will let you do Simran all the time. After that, you will get true rest.

Work hard at Simran and increase your efforts a small bit every day until you are doing Simran for all the 24 hours. Definitely finish your course of Simran during this human birth. Whatever we are to get from the Master and The Holy Path, we will get it through doing Simran.

When we do inner remembrance of Master our mind gets contentment. What reward will Master give to one who does not have contentment in their mind?
A Satsangii has to remain happy and not worry. A Satsangii has to do Simran. The One Whose Simran we are doing worries for us, He has to take care of us.

If one has anger or worries his blood gets hot and dries up, he gets more diseases, he commits more sins. One who does Simran does not have to do the worldly things and he does not get caught in this condition.

Get up at 3 AM and do Simran understanding Master is present with you.
At 3 AM Master comes to every initiate with a basket of Grace. Simran is the only way to stop the mind from roaming outside and causing disturbances. Master is at the tenth door within and He gives the Nectar of Naam when you go to Him there. Once mind tastes this nectar it will not wander outside any more.

If we do Simran all the day, then we can have inner experience when we sit for meditation, and then we will know for sure that Master is with us all the time. The love of Master is more than that of thousands of worldly parents together. Mind makes us forget the Master. Those who do not have any experience do not have full faith. If you will do the meditation with love, you will get experience.

Never forget Master and Simran even for a moment. Rely only upon Him. Simran, Master and God Almighty are all one and the same thing.

By doing Simran the mind and five thieves - lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism - get kicked. The inner nectar, which these five thieves were robbing from the soul, now, by doing Simran, the soul reclaims that nectar and starts to drink it. When the soul drinks this inner nectar of Naam, that turns into an intoxicant for the soul and it becomes a poison for these five thieves and kills them.

If we have a desire to do something or to achieve something we will do that thing with love, faith, and determination. If we will do Simran in this same way, we will succeed.

22. Very few, rare, fortunate ones get a True Perfect Master. A Perfect Master will take you to Sach Khand. He who comes to take us back to Sach Khand is our only friend. He alone will stop you from doing the sins.

He is a true Master Who takes the souls to Sach Khand. God Almighty Himself is working in the form of the True Master. Worldly things remain here, the body remains here. Why have pride of these things? They are destructible. We should only be proud of our Master. Great is He Who reunites the separated souls. Let us sing the praises of Satguru Ajaib Singh Ji. Great are His qualities.

Do Simran. Always remain happy.
One who does Simran all the time is never bothered by anything.
When we do more Simran, Master showers more Grace.
Master lives with the one who does constant Simran.